Gouvernement du Québec



In the presence of Premier Philippe Couillard, some 200 people participated in the forum on the promotion of diversity and the fight against discrimination, on December 5, 2017.

Government, regional and municipal representatives, economic, community and social players as well as representatives from the world of work and education addressed concrete solutions, based on best practices, adapted to the realities on the ground, particularly regional realities.

The forum includes three plenary sessions on employment, the fight against discrimination as well as training and francization. During each session, speakers presented best practices that can be adapted to the realities of each region of Québec. These presentations were followed by question periods.

The content of the forum was nourished by the questionnaires completed and the briefs submitted on the Online participation section of this website. It was further enriched by local participation, either during the listening tour or on the basis of the exchanges and discussions held by participating organizations.