Gouvernement du Québec

Promotion of
diversity and
fight against



Promoting diversity and fighting discrimination in Québec requires the participation of all Quebecers, from all backgrounds.

Every day, everywhere in Québec, many economic, social and community players work together to ensure a prosperous economy as well as a better integration of Quebecers of diverse origins in workplaces and throughout society.

The minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness announced that a forum on the promotion of diversity and the fight against discrimination will be held in December. He has invited everyone, through this web platform, to take part.

In fact, you can participate at two levels. In the Online participation section on this site, you can submit a brief and answer a questionnaire. The results will be analyzed and shared during the forum.

Moreover, during a major listening tour on the promotion of diversity, the fight against discrimination and labour needs, the minister will meet with economic, social and community stakeholders in the regions. The details of the tour are specified on the Listening tour page. The meetings from this tour will also nourish the forum.

Lastly, non-profit organizations mandated by the Ministère de l’Immigration de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion to lead projects to find concrete solutions to fight discrimination will continue their work. Their reports will be made public and will also serve to nourish discussions during the forum.